Internet Marketing Newbies – 10 Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Mistakes As A Newbie?

Internetmarketingnewbies-mistakesIn almost everything we do as humans we ultimately have to start somewhere. Most often when we are just starting we lack the necessary skills that are needed to produce acceptable results. It often helps if you get directives from someone who have gone through the same task you are trying to accomplish now.

As Internet Marketers, we all started as newbies, we made slow progress, some (a very small percentage) went on to succeed as big time marketers, others are still struggling and a large proportion of them have given up.

The big question that is being asked today, is this: What are the other newbies doing that is causing them not to succeed as internet marketers?

Well! I have pondered with this question for a while and then I stumbled on a piece of content that sums it all in one cool image. You can check it out for yourself below.

10 internet marketing newbies mistakes